Mass Request

Following is the list of available Mass Requests:

Regular Masses

Gregorian Masses

  • 30 Masses celebrated on 30 consecutive days.
  • offered for the deceased.
  • said beginning on the first day of upcoming month at one of our churches in Poland or other missionary church.

Perpetual Masses

  • offered for either those living or deceased.
  • for everyone entered into the book of Perpetual Holy Masses on every Thursday throughout the year for as long as the Monastery remains in existence.

Masses can be requested only in person or by mail.

It CANNOT be requested by phone, fax, text message or email.

You may request Your Mass by filling this form and sending it to us

Form for Regular, Gregorian and Perpetual Masses

In your letter

you should state:

  • The intention for the Mass (es)- for example: for the deceased, in thanksgiving, for health, blessings, etc.)
  • Type of Masses (Regular, Gregorian or Perpetual)

  • The number of Masses

  • Enclosed offering (check or money order only!)



  • Regular Mass offering:


  • Gregorian Mass offering:  $400

  • Perpetual Mass offering:


     - for one person


    - for the whole family




The Founders


We express our thanks to those who wish to become FOUNDERS of our church and monastery by placing their names on Commemorative Founders’ Plaques:

$200Brown plaque
$500Silver plaque
$1000Gold plaque